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You Kuuipo
©1990 Gilbert P. Belmudez and
Maui Magic Collection®©1991
Gilbert P. Belmudez

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You Kuuipo rated No. 46 of Hawaii's 50 all time songs!

Gilbert Belmudez, was cited in the June 2007 issue of Honolulu Magazine (see No. 46) for the lyrics to the song, “You Kuuipo”.  His contribution is listed as No. 46 of the “50 Greatest Songs of Hawaii” as chosen in Hawaii by a special panel of musicians, historians and producers.

Born in Upland and raised in Pomona, California, Gilbert Belmudez lived on the island of Maui in the 1980’s where he originally wrote a number of rough draft poems.  In 1987 he moved to San Diego and began crafting a sizeable collection of poetry and lyrics resulting in a work introduced to Willie Kahaialii, "You Kuuipo".  it has since been recorded by Willie A. Kahaialii, Glenn Medeiros, the Cazimero Brothers and with Amy Gilliom in the album, “Amy and Willie Live”, a 2005 Grammy Award Nominee for “Best Hawaiian Music Album” of the year.
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© 2012 Gilbert P Belmudez

The Beginning

I was thirty years old when, for the first time, I landed in Hawaii on April Fools Day, 1980.  I had no place to stay, no job prospect and I knew no one.  Knowing little about Hawaii, from the very moment I arrived at Honolulu Airport I was mesmerized by the beauty and confused with an uncertainty as to what I should do.  I had no bank account, no credit cards and only about two hundred dollars to live on.

My luggage consisted of a full duffle bag, sleeping bag and a Mexican blanket.  I walked through the airport and stopped at an airport locker where I took off my boots, put on my flip-flops and put my dufflebag in an locker I rented for two weeks.  Into the sleeping bag  I rolled up the barest of necessities such as toiletries, shorts, a towel, one change of clothing and the Mexican blanket.

With the sleeping bag over my shoulder I walked out into the most beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds I had ever seen.  The air was crisp with a light fragrance of tropical flowers.  Asking a few questions it wasn't hard to find the bus area outside the airport and I boarded a bus marked "Honolulu / Waikiki."

It is hard to remember exactly what I saw as the bus traveled along a coastal highway but in general my observations were that of swaying palm trees, green hillsides and a coast filled with the colors of  dark lava, white sand and blue waves sparkling with glints of sunlight..

Note:  The rest of the story will be published in the near future.

Gilbert P. Belmudez - Maui - 1984
Gilbert Belmudez, Maui, 1984
©1984 Gilbert P. Belmudez

YOU KUUIPO ©1990 Gilbert P. Belmudez and
®©1991 in the Maui Magic Collection by Gilbert P. Belmudez.
Written as an aloha to the Hawaiian Islands and dedicated to the memory of Eleanor Makepa Fojas Stewart.  Read the words to You Kuuipo as they were intended.
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